Travel Consulting

  • Hotel Transition
  • CRM, Loyalty & Engagement
  • Digital Marketing Roadmap


TRI Hospitality has established relationships with a breadth of travel technology companies and global consumer trend firms. We advocate technology solutions that work for your asset; addressing guests needs, improving brand awareness, and generating revenue. We collaborate with your team to develop a detailed game plan; our approach to ideation is energetic, creative, and results in actionable strategies that meet your company’s specific needs.


Revenue Management is ever-evolving—constantly undergoing profound changes from one element to the next. TRI Hospitality assists travel companies in navigating the demands of the revenue field. We are grounded in traditional principles and concepts of hotel revenue management but continually refine our assessment methods to adjust for emerging channels and platforms.


TRI Hospitality utilizes a hotel purchase loop framework to assess your hotel’s online presence. The hotel purchase loop looks at how your hotel engages guests during three phases of a consumer’s travel journey:
1) The decision loop
2) The experience loop
3) The advocacy loop


  • Custom Training Plan
  • Build & Mentor the Team
  • Industry Events & Webinars


We are passionate about the value of education and have taught students and executives on the principles of revenue management, digital marketing, pricing, and technology. As an Adjunct Professor at NYU, Steven Rubin has developed curriculum for Strategic Pricing and Revenue Management courses for the hospitality industry. As an active member of HEDNA, TRI Hospitality created the Revenue Management module for HEDNA University .


TRI Hospitality works with organizations to create customized, branded training material for all levels of management. Our education goal is to make a difference, to teach, to learn and to inspire, and to have a direct, lasting impact.


Our partners have moderated panels, spoken at conferences and led webinars. We are available for industry conferences, brand annual meetings, or supplier webinars to share our expertise with your stakeholders.

Technology Solutions

  • Product Planning
  • Feature Review
  • Industry References


TRI Hospitality has built relationships with venture capital firms, travel technology companies, global trend companies and hotel executives. We work with travel companies building both innovative and revolutionary solutions for the travel space. TRI Hospitality’s unique relationships across various verticals will help guide your company to drive revenues and raise efficiencies.


Technology solutions must be relevant. TRI Hospitality has developed partnerships with leading global consumer trend companies, and studies consumer patterns. We apply our global perspective of the travel industry and knowledge of consumer trends to ensure that new technology ideas are relevant.


TRI Hospitality has in-depth knowledge of the travel distribution systems and the connectivity challenges that exist for new entrants into the market. Our team can help guide your company in identifying the optimal partner(s) allowing you to focus on your product and customer.