Hotel Operators

Acting as Chief Revenue Officer, VP Digital Marketing & VP of Revenue Management in one, our team can help align brand and property level strategies to maximize value.

Members Club or Brand of One, TRI specializes in improving asset performance through team member training, technology vendor vetting and step-by-step roll-out of cross-channel Revenue Optimization initiatives.


Owners & Investors

Our  Team brings an extensive experience working with major ownerships and investors in the USA.
Previous engagements include hotel acquisitions, transitions and ramp up in major markets such as New York, Washington DC, Chicago and San Francisco.

We deliver assessments and action plans for under performing assets, feasibility studies for new markets and concepts on an ad-hoc basis including channel strategy and technology road maps. 


Travel Technology Innovators

There is an explosion of innovative solutions taking advantage of the data vacuum left by legacy systems.  
The TRI Team helps these companies bridge the gap between product development, user’s expectations and client’s ROI (return on investment).

We provide assistance in product road map planning, quality assurance, product roll-out and feature design for innovative Travel Industry solutions.